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I'm a country mouse who loves hanging out in a glam venue, I've a hunky husband, am a Mama to wild boys and a beagle called Baxter. I'm partial to morning coffees, evening gins and I'm the friend who orders all the good sides at a restaurant, also known in our gang as 'table food'. If you can relate to any of that, I already know we're going to get on great! 

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i'm jill

Oh Hey!

There is literally no greater excitement in the world than getting engaged! I remember it very fondly! But when the excitement dies down and you realise that you are about the plan the biggest event of your adult life, it can all feel a bit daunting. The pressure we put ourselves under is immense and if you were about to tackle another task as momentous, you wouldn't even think twice about asking someone for help.
So… why should it only be big-budget weddings that get to have a wedding planner to guide them expertly through each stage of the planning process? Only a tiny percentage of couples use a wedding planner in Ireland so what about all the other Irish brides who would love support and a steer in the right direction?

We want wedding planning to be accessible to all brides

Our mission

is simple...

That's why we exist.
 For You. 

We help you reduce stress and overwhelm from all the decisions faced when planning the biggest event of your adult life so that you can plan a beautiful, unique, meaningful and memorable wedding day. 

colleen +feargus

Where do I even begin?
Getting Jill to help us out for our big day was by far the best decision we have made.

Jill showed great attention to every detail of our wedding and has brought our wedding vision to life. When she took over the handling of the wedding, I felt a massive sense of relief because I knew, deep in my guts that we were in great hands.

I was very particular with almost all of our wedding details, but Jill was even more particular. She gave lots of advice on all wedding aspects, there was no issue that couldn’t be resolved and she gave us ideas that we didn’t even know existed.

She looked after us on the day, coordinated our day and ensured that the day went smoothly, hence, allowing us to have the day that we’ve always wanted. After months of planning, we were relaxed and very chilled on the actual day itself because we knew that Jill was extremely competent at her job and we knew that she would look after the whole day.

The feeling that you are passing on the handling of the day to someone you know will look after your wedding day like it was her own day, is priceless. I honestly couldn’t imagine a wedding day without a Jill.. how would that work?!!!

Getting Jill on board was the best decision we’ve made.

Thank you Jill for all your guidance and support throughout our wedding planning journey and the day itself. Even today, I still keep finding added decors/signs that you’ve made for the day.. signs/additions that I didn’t even know was missing and was needed! You were always one step ahead and you’re such an expert at what you do!

We were so blessed to have found you when we did.

Forever grateful,

Colleen & Feargus

Love notes...

photo credit: MDA PRODUCTIONS 

photo credit: MDA PRODUCTIONS 

margo + Gareth

You might be wondering why we needed a wedding planner? Well, wedding planning can be so overwhelming. There are so many decisions to be made in a limited timeframe. For us, Planned By A Pro stood out from the other options because Jill was very kind and friendly. She was easy to get along with as soon as I met her! I attended one of her Mood Board Masterclasses and already got a great vibe from her!

 I knew I would be in good hands when we signed up for the month of wedding planning package with Jill. She was very experienced, very organized and provided me with some great tools even before the start of our partnership.

The biggest surprise for us was that Jill made wedding planning seem so effortless and easy!

It made me so happy that I was able to foster a relationship with Jill - to the point where when things didn't go according to plan on on the wedding day she knew what to do/how to change things ASAP. There was not one thing I would've done differently when deciding if we needed a wedding planner, she made us feel so calm. I was so happy!

If I could one word to describe my experience with Jill, it would be "Calming", Jill helped take away the stress of wedding planning. When we had so much to do and wrap up with or busy jobs the month before our wedding, it was such a relief to know all the planning was going on in the background and I had very happy suppliers come our wedding day. We had weekly video call check-in's and daily WhatsApp chats which was a massive support when we just needed a quick sense check on something.

On a scale of one to ten, Jill is getting a 10!

Much love,

Margo and Gareth

Love notes...

photo credit: pop photography ni

photo credit: pop photography ni