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I'm a country mouse who loves hanging out in a glam venue, I've a hunky husband, am a Mama to a toddler boy and a beagle called Baxter. I'm partial to morning coffees, evening gins and I'm the friend who orders all the good sides at a restaurant, also known in our gang as 'table food'. If you can relate to any of that, I already know we're going to get on great! 

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i'm jill

Oh Hey!

There is literally no greater excitement in the world than getting engaged! I remember it very fondly! But when the excitement dies down and you realise that you are about the plan the biggest event of your adult life, it can all feel a bit daunting. The pressure we put ourselves under is immense and if you were about to tackle another task as momentous, you wouldn't even think twice about asking someone for help.
So… why should it only be big-budget weddings that get to have a wedding planner to guide them expertly through each stage of the planning process? Only a tiny percentage of couples use a wedding planner in Ireland so what about all the other Irish brides who would love support and a steer in the right direction?

We want wedding planning to be accessible to all brides

Our mission

is simple...

That's why we exist.
 For You. 

We help you reduce stress and overwhelm from all the decisions faced when planning the biggest event of your adult life so that you can plan a beautiful, unique, meaningful and memorable wedding day. 

Happy Client

"I don’t usually send “Thank Yous” in advance of something like this but I just had to tell you this today. So the reason I’m sending you this note is to give a very big thank you for being all over it and taking such great care of us. You get me the follow up information the next day and sometimes it seems too fast and it pushes me to get things done. I deal with hotel managers and planners all the time and some of them just don’t get it. You get it – thank you Jill."

Happy Client

"Jill the feedback is wonderful, We woke up this morning to so many messages saying how much everyone enjoyed the day. The marquee looked fab and the entertainment was particularly fun! It all ran like clockwork! We couldn’t have asked for a better person to guide and support us on the journey to our big day. Loved It. ."