Planning events became Jill's life a little by accident when she was hired to become an event planner before finishing college and off she set to help client's plan their special events. Not only had she never planned an event before but as soon as she did, she realised she had natural talent just waiting to be discovered! And today she is here, to apply that same love of planning to your wedding day.

Planning and executing 100's of events has been Jill's lifestyle choice for the past 20 years. In the event industry your job is called a lifestyle choice because it takes up so much of your life! When you plan your wedding, you do not want it to take over your life and that's where hiring a planner comes in handy!

Are you ready to wake up on the morning of your wedding and think, 'WOW that was a breeze!' Jill Hughes of PLANNED BY A PRO loves to help clients plan their wedding day so that you can wake up on what will be one of the most memorable days of your adult life and think just that.

Wedding planning & Coordination 

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It's really very simple: doesn’t every bride deserve to have a wedding planner? We firmly believe that wedding planning isn't just for big budget weddings. We want to give every bride access to affordable wedding planning so that you can plan the wedding that makes all your friends jealous - with our help!
All brides should be able to ask for help. If you want the big sisterly touch; someone you trust that is helpful and honest, then you have come to the right place. 

Our philosophy

Any celebration worth its salt uses flowers front and centre to make an impact, set the tone and tie a colour scheme together. Your flowers will make an appearance in many of the photos that you will treasure forever, so you want them to be a considered part of your overall wedding aesthetic. Your bouquet makes you the bride. I know what you're thinking. Your dress makes you the bride! Yes that's certainly true but your bouquet pulls together your entire theme, it's one tradition that is not going anywhere and we love that! 

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Your wedding is a once in a lifetime occasion which means you only have one chance to plan it. All those special moments need to be cherished like finding your dream dress, taking that first taste of your wedding cake-to-be and dropping those invitations into the post box. The process of planning your wedding is just as important as the day itself which is why leaving the logistical duties to us means you can celebrate and enjoy every moment along the way. 

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Don't you want to start the day of your wedding with excited butterflies instead of thinking I still have X, Y, Z to do when all you want is a glass of champagne in your manicured hand? If HELL YES is the answer and you aren't an event planner yourself (!), then my friend I can help you. Not only do we want you to have an unforgettable wedding day but we want your journey there to be stress-free and fun. Yes, organising a wedding is a lot of work and there's plenty of lovely parts to it but like any great event, the secret sauce to its success is all in the planning. If you are ready to Plan your Wedding like a Pro, we are here to help you make that happen. 

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