We know that hiring a full service planner isn't the right fit for everyone so we created our virtual wedding planning sessions as a way to help couples who want guidance from a planner but want to do the planning themselves. This is the perfect affordable solution to take a little bit of the pain away from planning. We speak fluent in checklists, timelines and details and love to help couples feel confident and dare we say it - enjoy the planning process!

Does this sounds like a familiar story to you? The bride-to-be would love some professional support but the groom-to-be thinks they don’t need it. However… the bride is the one doing 99% of the planning - does this resonate with you?

We want the days of only "big budget" weddings having a wedding planner to be over. In our eyes every wedding is special and if you aren't a planner yourself, then it's ok to want some help to achieve your wedding goals. Doing a virtual planning session is THE perfect compromise, yes, you may not want to hire a wedding planner because you want to roll your sleeves up and do the planning yourself BUT you would love some practical, no-nonsense advice from someone with a wealth of experience. Stay reading my friend because we  have some great options for you below. 

These great value options below amount to about 1% of your overall wedding budget so in the grand scheme of what you are spending on your wedding, the below packages give you a lot of bang for your buck. 

Virtual Wedding Planning Sessions to help you at any stage of your journey 

1:1 virtual wedding planning


tell me about the


Congratulations on taking the first step! You are taking charge of how your future self will feel the morning of your wedding.
How early is too early to start planning your wedding, trying on dresses, etc?   How do I stay on budget? Should I hire a videographer?  How many rooms should I reserve in a hotel block?  
Do you know that most brides struggle with these same questions. You're not alone and we're here to help you during your jam packed virtual planning session. 

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Upon receipt of your booking, we will ask you to fill out an online form so that can tell us where you are in the planning process. There's no right or wrong answers here, we just want to get a feel for where you are before our call.  We find that most couples need assistance with the following elements, however we can look at whatever areas you need help with: 
- Managing the budget
- Dealing and negotiating with suppliers including your wedding venue
- Theming/Colour Palette
- Timeline for the day of the wedding 



We will review your questionnaire so that we can have some suggestions and cost saving tactics ready in advance of our call to propel your wedding planning in the right direction. 

You may be at the very start of your planning process - that's great too - we can absolutely help you during this session to get you started on the right foot and will give you all the templates to get you going which will make your life much easier and suppliers think, wow this bride-to-be knows what she's talking about! 



We'll meet virtually over coffee (or a G&T if you prefer) so we can dive right in to your personalised plan that is tailored specifically to you and your wedding day.  During this 1 to 1 zoom session with Jill, you can get as much insight, knowledge, problem solving and tips as you need. 

Virtual Coffee Date


After our call, we will follow up with:
- a recap of notes
- actionable steps 
- a game plan to achieve your wedding goals
- and most importantly an abundance of encouragement! 

Actionable Steps

Just engaged? Need some help or advice? 

If you are just getting started or are well into the the planning process, sometimes it can be good to have a quick check in with something just to make sure you are on track and getting all the right jobs ticked off your list.  
Book in a call and I can help you with any wedding questions or any wedding worries you might have. 

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One Virtual Call - 1 hour

the Power Hour package

You get everything that's included in the Opulence Package:
just double the goodness! 

We suggest setting up the first online planning call at the start of your planning process, it is useful to do this just as you are starting to think about your wedding vision and if you're looking for a steer in the right direction in terms of venues and supplier recommendations.
Fast Forward to 3-4 weeks before your wedding and we will do our next call to help bring it all together into a timeline that works for you and all your suppliers on the day.

We suggest having this planning session once you have all your RSVP's back so you have a better idea of your guest list. 

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two VIRTUAL CALLs - 2 HOURS each

the elegance package

We will take a look at your budget if you have one and if not, do not worry, we will give you the perfect budget template to use as your own.

 We will discuss all your wedding suppliers and suggest some tweaks or improvements so as to better represent the vision of your day.
 We will talk about your wedding aesthetic and give you guidance on how to bring that to life through your venue, attire and colour palette. 

If you already have a contract from your venue or suppliers we will take a look and help you translate any elements you aren't sure of.

 We will take a deep dive into the timeline for your wedding day and help you create one that flows  so on the day all you need to do is relax, smile and soak it all in.
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One Virtual Call - 2 hours

the Opulence package

Don't laugh but budgets are my absolute favourite! 
If you would like some expert help on how to set up a budget for your special day then you've come to the right place. Getting this step right from the start is such a crucial step in the planning process and sometimes it can be over-looked because it's just to big an undertaking. 
During our call we will cover lots of money matters including:
I will give you my own template which is pre-filled with wedding costs to give you a very clear picture of your overall wedding cost
How to set your budget using my quick excel formula.
How much you need to save each month for your dream day
Tips On Saving
Highlight Hidden Costs that can sometimes be overlooked 
Create your very own wedding budget 
Have a clear plan for paying and tracking supplier deposits and knowing 
when your next payments are due

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One Virtual Call - 1 hour

the budget buster package

buy & Schedule: €97
buy & Schedule:  €75
Happy Client

"I don’t usually send “Thank Yous” in advance of something like this but I just had to tell you this today. So the reason I’m sending you this note is to give a very big thank you for being all over it and taking such great care of us. You get me the follow up information the next day and sometimes it seems too fast and it pushes me to get things done. I deal with hotel managers and planners all the time and some of them just don’t get it. You get it – thank you Jill."

Happy Client

"Jill the feedback is wonderful, We woke up this morning to so many messages saying how much everyone enjoyed the day. The marquee looked fab and the entertainment was particularly fun! It all ran like clockwork! We couldn’t have asked for a better person to guide and support us on the journey to our big day. Loved It. ."

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